Sound therapy

What is sound therapy and what are its benefits?

Sound therapy is the use of sound vibration in order to improve physical and emotional health and give a sense of deep relaxation. Throughout the times, Ancient cultures have always use sound as a way to connect to each other and to themselves and balance health.


Today, scientific studies have shown the great benefits of sound therapy not only to help release tensions and stress but also to act at a cellular level in dis-eases.

Some of the benefits of healing with sound:

- reduce stress and anxiety
- lower blood pressure
- help to sleep better
- improve circulation and increases blood flow
- provide a deep relaxation
- relief the pain
- increase mental and emotional clarity
- stimulate the immune system
- improve endocrine functions
- help with depression
- restore cellular activity
- balance the chakras
And many more

How would occur a sound healing session?

During a sound healing session, I use several music instruments (gongs, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles, flutes etc) and also my voice (mantras, sacred chants, overtone singing) in order to create healing frequencies.
I can also combine the session energetic work to enhance the sound therapy.

I can offer two types of sessions:

Private sessions

The one-on-one sessions are tailored to your needs. We can talk about what you are expecting from the session and deeply work together on your physical and emotional wounds to help you release the pain and increase your well-being.

During a private session, I can use music instruments directly in contact with the body so that you can receive the sound vibration even deeper. I am working for example with Tibetan bowls that can allow, among other benefits, a profound relaxation and a complete chakra balancing. I am also working with therapeutic tuning forks to send the vibration inside the body, using the same principles than acupuncture and applying them to sound frequencies that are directly sent to acupoints.

Group sessions

Group sessions are a great opportunity to release tension and stress from the daily life. You can either come for a sitted meditation or laying down and totally surrender to sound for a journey into your own consciousness.

The sessions are held in yoga studios, workshops and retreats centers, companies and private homes.

Come to experience a sound therapy session in the form that fits with your need.

As everything is vibration and so as you, sound helps you to tune your body and mind and harmonize yourself.

To learn more about sound therapy, check the articles section or contact me directly if you have any question.



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