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Healing sessions

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Shamanic healing

What is a shaman?

A shaman is someone who makes journeys to nonordinary reality in an altered state of consciousness and works with spirits and guides to access their knowledge (or in other worlds, connect himself to the universe frequency and its huge flow of information). The shaman usually merges with his spirits and those spirits can heal people through his body.

The shaman achieves an altered state of consciousness through consciousness-changing techniques like the use of a monotonous percussion sounds: drums but also sticks, rattles, and other instruments which will change his consciousness and also affect his brainwaves.

My training

I've been mainly trained with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, created by Michael Harner.

Michael Harner is an anthropologist who has practiced shamanic healing since 1961, received his doctorate at the University of California-Berkeley.

In the course of his academic study of shamanism, Harner lived and worked with indigenous people for many years in the Upper Amazon, Mexico, Peru, the Canadian Arctic, Samiland, and western North America. After that, he brought back the most common and universal techniques of all of these people to teach them (with other shamans) to people all over the world.

So I practice the same kind of techniques than the indigenous people but only the most common one in the world, and not specific technics to one "tribe".



How would occur a typical shamanic healing session?

Before the session, I would make a journey to diagnostic what you need during this healing session.

I can also make a divination journey if you need a guidance.

When you will arrive to the session I'll give you the feedback of all of this. The answers during the journeys are very often metaphorical answers rather than very clear ones so you may understand their meaning later. It is also common for spirits (or guides, or the Universe etc; all of this could be the same) to give us answers about a far future.

Then the healing session will begin.

Here are the most commons practices in shamanism :

Extraction healing

We all have spiritual intrusions in our body. It is not that we are possessed in any way, it is just some weak areas of our body where those instrusions come and try to live in them. This could also happen after a physical trauma, accident or even by slowly hiting yourself. We all have intrusions coming in our body very often and make us lose (more or less) our energy. Taking them out give us more energy, physically and mentally.

Psychopomp practice

When a person dies, her soul can stay in our world (instead of going in the transcendental worlds) if her death was too violent or if she has something or someone who keeps her here. A shaman has techniques to talk with those persons and bring them to the transcendental worlds and can do it for a living person who wants him to work with one of his dead relative.

Power soul retrival

After a physical or emotional trauma, we sometimes have difficulties to deal with it in our ordinary reality. From a shamanic point of view, we may have loss some portions of our soul in this trauma. This is also what we call dissociation in psychology, a mechanism of protection when your inconscious prefers to get out from this reality rather than face it.
If many portions of your soul is lost, you could feel this impression of "not being here" or many other symptoms. We all had soul portions lost, from our childhood to now and it is a very powerful shamanic practice to return those portions to a person. It is also a moment where the shaman transfer energy and power to someone and the consequences may be very positive and even life-changing to some people.

After the session is finished, we can stay in touch if you need to and talk about what you feel or not feel. The results of a shamanic sessions may appear weeks later. It is very different from a person to another, or even from one moment in your life to another.



If you want to know more about the the shamanic practices, here is an interesting interview of Michael Harner, the creator of the Fondation I have been trained with:

You can also take directly contact with me for more information.