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Healing sessions

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Performance rituals

RITUALISTAS are HEALING CIRCLES hold by Karlyn Sovied and Nina Moore
The circle is a space where everybody is equal and can reconnect to the Whole.
A space where we can feel held and being part of a community.
A space where we can listen and be heard.
A space where we can remember our infinity.

What we offer is to share practices with us. The idea is to connect in an horizontal way, considering every individual as a student AND a master. We want to create a sense of togetherness - family, inspiring each other, to open a space of transmission. All the practices lean on the geometrical form of the circle, like a yantra, that’s allows the energy to move around and through us in a natural way, and where everybody can share his gift.

We are creating :

Meditative circles, guided by sound, visualizations, archetypes and energy of goddesses

Yoga transmission circles, where the teacher is sharing a sequence of postures and can observe and enhance your practice both in Kundalini and Ankhanda (Hata/ Vinyassa) yoga, in a holistic approach, where you practice side by side with your fellow yogis, to get more in touch with your inner guru.

Vibrational circles using sound therapy, power of mantra, liberating the voice and the body, healing with the power of vibrations and sacred touch using bodywork and intuitive massages.

Ceremonial sacred circles where we can share special moments of devotion and honour our higher selves, Full and New moon ceremonies, working with plants of power, intimate women circles, shamanic journeyings.

Ecstatic creation circles where we can get in touch with the flow of our soul, draw, sing, dance, discover all the medium we have to express ourselves and get in touch with our inner voice, where we can observe the links between spirituality and imagination, learning how to use "altered states" of consciousness and mindfullness to develop our creativity.

Mindful communication circles, using Circling™, non violent communication, improv, intentionnal, and other really powerful communication tools


KARLYN SOVIED is a sound therapist, composer and shamanic practicioner. She travelled Asia to meet spiritual masters who teached her sacred music intruments and chant techniques (gongs, Tibetan bowls, mantras, overtone singing...) and ancient shamanic healing practices.
She was trained to sound therapy with many masters including the great Gong Master Baba Don Conreaux and the therapeutic tuning forks pioneer Dr. John Beaulieu. In her exploration through sound, she learnt scientific and spiritual ways of working with energy and vibration.

NINA MOORE is a Yoga teacher in Akhanda (Hata-Vinyassa) Yoga and Kundalini trained by Golden bridge yoga (Gurmuck). She is also an artist and is learning ways to explore the ecstatic state to fuel her creativity and how to heal through artistic creation. She travelled the world seeking therapeutical knowledge and gather informations about mindfulness and self developpement practices. She also uses bodywork to help release emotional and energetic blockages.

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