My journey started years ago when I had everything of the perfect life : a cool job in a famous production company of documentary movies, working on cool projects, living in a cool apartment in Paris, but something was still missing... I remember being sited at my computer desk, drawing Excel tables, often wondering if that was going to be my life. Deep inside, I knew there was something more… I wanted to discover, learn, move, feel…

Soon enough I quit my job, my apartment and book a one-way ticket to travel the world. On the road, from country to country,

I found myself.

Far from the office life, I shut off my rational mind, developed my intuition, started to create art again and completely changed the way I lived, connecting for the first time with my beingness. Guided by the signs and encounters, I met shamans and spiritual masters who taught me sacred music instruments and lead me to perceive a whole new invisible realm, the one of the guides and spirits.

I decided to dedicate myself to growth and learning, joining trainings and retreats, facing my past and any emotion that was coming up.

I was more alive than I had ever been.

Back in France it became obvious that I wanted to be in service of other human beings to share what brought me so much joy and peace. I started to offer one-on-ones healing sessions, group courses and retreats guiding other through their self-transformation.

As a growth-addict and Consciousness seeker, I am constantly digging inside myself learning and unlearning with a beginner’s mind to keep on expanding.

Certifications : Shamanic Healing (FSS - Fondation for Shamanic Studies), Sound-therapy (Gong Master Don Conreaux, tuning fork pioneer John Beaulieu, Academy of Sound Therapy, Satyam Shivam Meditation School), Quantum Healing and Past Life regression therapy (BQH, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing), Breathwork (Breathwave & Holotropic).

Additional trainings & qualifications : Access Bars, Vipassana, Hridaya Yoga 17 days Silent retreat, Hridaya Hatha Yoga Module 1, Fondations of Tantrik Yoga (Hareesh Wallis), Gene Keys Venus Sequence retreat, Kundalini Yoga, Conscious communication.