Ecstatic creation

What is ecstatic creation?

Ecstatic creation is a technique using altered states of consciousness in order to facilitate artistic creation. We can work together during a coaching session to help you release your artistic blockages through techniques like meditation, breathwork, shamanic journey and vizualisation that bring your brain in a theta brainwaves state that allows more clarity in your mind and clears your doubts.

In addition to that, this state of consciousness gives you the opportunity to channel ideas from transcendantal worlds and expand your creativity.

How would occur coaching sessions?

We can have a first session to talk about your creative work, your blockages and what you are expecting from the coaching. This session can either be done remotely or in one-on-one sessions. Then we will try to identify which technique would fit you the best to uplift your creation process. Finally you can apply that to your art and I can provide you the guidance you need during all the creation steps.

What are the advantages of ecstatic creation comparing to basic creation?

For many months I had blockages in my writing. My logical mind was never satisfied and it was taking me hours to write a single line. When I started to work in shamanic healing, I discovered that right after a shamanic journey I could write pages and pages of my experience without even struggling. My hand was guided and I could write in automatic writing. It released my writing blockage and I started to write again prose and poems. Then I tried to apply that to other works of art like videography, photography. I found that when I was in an altered state of consciousness not only the blockages were released but it also upgraded my creativity. My creations were better than when I was only intellectualizing them.

Ecstatic creation allows you to let go of your left brain during the creative process to mainly focus on your intuition, your right brain, the one that can bring fresh ideas to your work of art. It opens new doors of creation, gives you confidence and allows you to create faster and better.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about ecstatic creation and the work we can do together.

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