“Teacher Breath”


In Breathwork with work with the “Spirit”, the breath, that initiates, teaches and purifies.

The breath is both the path and the guide.


With each conscious connected breath, we land in the present moment with awareness. Each deep, nourishing inhale is literally an abundance of inspiration and energy. Each relaxed, surrendered exhale is a letting go of old patterns.



Benefits of Breathing


On the physical level of experience, the breath is our primary source of energy, detoxification and connection to Life. Around 70% of the toxins brought into the body are removed through the breathing process. The oxygen taken in with each breath is fed right down to the cellular level, where it becomes a main ingredient in creating energy that is usable by human cells. This fuel powers our metabolism.

Bridge between your inner and outer body.


Mentally and emotionally, Western research had been verifying that altering our breaths’ depth, rhythm and rate changes our attitude, perception and stress level. Enhanced breathing tends to shift our bodymind state toward the positive end of the spectrum of experiences even to the point of opening into blissful, euphoric states. Physiologically, this is associated with the release of chemicals such as endorphins and neuropeptides into the bloodstream.

On the spiritual level, Shamans and yogis have recognized the importance of the breath for millennia. They explored consciously connecting with the breath to nourish and heal themselves and others and to walk a path of spiritual awakening. Each conscious breath had the potential of being a superhighway between the Earth and the Heavens. Dropped into the eternally present moment, we can directly encounter mystical experience, non-ordinary insight and Cosmic consciousness.

Circular breathing


With breathwork, we work with circular breathing, that is to say inhaling and exhaling with no gap in-between. This gap between inhale and exhale is unconscious and this is where the ego and unconscious patterns can take their chance.

Circular breathing breaks the pattern by practicing being aware of our breathing all time, When this practice is sustained for long enough in a session, the old stresses that we haven’t yet discharged start to rise to the surface of consciousness. These unconscious experiences are suppressed or repressed through restrictions of our breathing so when a person consciously invites a change to the patterned restrictions, the unconscious experiences begin to surface.

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