Karlyn Sovied

Holistic therapy

Therapy using vibration and sound in order to relax and improve the physical and emotional health.


Ancestral healing pratice using altered states of consciousness in order to heal emotional and spiritual wounds.


 Conscious connected breathing is a way to land into the present moment with awareness, relax and detoxify all the system and let go of old patterns.


Technique using altered states of consciousness in order to facilitate artistic creation

(video, music, writing).

About me

I am a sound therapist, composer, breathwork facilitator and shamanic practitioner.

After years working in an office, I found this environment was too restricted for the tons of things I wanted to do, learn, see, feel… I quit my job, my apartment and went to travel Asia. On the road, from country to country, I found myself.

Since my young age I was always fascinated by sound and explore it as a cathartic channel. During my journey, I've met spiritual masters who teach me how to use sound as a way to heal and repattern our system at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I learn from them sacred music instruments and chant techniques: gongs, Tibetan bowls, therapeutic tuning forks, mantras, overtone singing…

I was also initiated to ancestral shamanic healing knowledge as well as shamanic breathwork (breathwave style).

I am offering individual healing, group sessions, workshops and retreats.

My Approach

I am using a holistic approach, taking in consideration not only the physical condition but also the mental, spiritual and emotional health.

I am combining ancient healing techniques from the shamanic and yogic tradition with modern therapeutic and scientific techniques.

I am also using arts - sound, video, writing - as a tool to help releasing blockages and expand the consciousness.




The power of vibration

I get the chance to receive shamanic healings from Karlyn Sovied.
Althrough the therapy was remotely given because it was a urgent situation, I could still feel Karlyn's strenght all along the healing session. Indeed, I had the impression she was just in front of me, I could feel her breath, feeling her handle the forces of nature to help me find myself step by step.
I could perceive how my energies were slowly putting back together thanks to her.
I have not only appreciated the healing ceremony but also her follow-up, before and after the session but also her divinations and precious advice. She was, and still is, very caring, paying attention to listen to my own rythm, in order to not rush me while allowing me to go further, the farest that I could personally go.

Her human side as well as her deep connexion to nature and the other realms allow her to help people she meets. I can't wait to receive a shamanic healing from her again !

Youssef, 29 years old (FRANCE)


Worldwide based


Tel: +33 6 63 68 57 66

Whatsapp: +33 6 63 68 57 66

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