What would it be like to become who you truly are?

Through the combination of powerful modalities -
shamanic and quantum healing, hypnosis, breathwork, sound therapy - you will dive into your subconscious, at the root of your emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs for them to be reprogrammed and create space for a life filled with love, abondance, ease and joy.

I am offering :

One-on-one solo sessions -

A 90min healing journey to transmute your limiting beliefs and unlock your gifts.

One-on-one 4 weeks programs -

4 healing sessions and daily support personalized to your needs to deeply transform yourself and thrive.



Shamanism is taking a path of exploration and transformation, getting a new perspective on yourself and on the universe. It is allowing you to connect with your essence, with the Earth and all the sentient beings, to come back to a mutual and spiritual communication with nature.


I am offering :

○   Shamanic initiations for you to discover how to navigate the transcendental worlds guided by power animals and spirit guides.


○   Shamanic 4 weeks online programs to deepen your practice and learn how to be in service to others.

Current programs:

○   Vision Quest : Shamanic Divination, a path to transformation... (download PDF)

○   Time Travel : Discover your past, parallel and future lifetimes... (download PDF)




Throughout the times, Ancient cultures have used sound to heal and connect to higher realms. Today, we are rediscovering sound as a way to repattern our system at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As everything is vibration and so as you, sound-therapy helps you tune your body & mind and harmonize your whole being.

I am offering :

Sound-therapy individual sessions - working with tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and gongs.

○   Introductions and courses to learn how to use those therapeutical instruments and their effects on the body and mind



A transformative experience to dive deep into the healing and growth process.


During this collective adventure, you are held individually by the facilitators and by the rest of the group. A variety of intensive group practices - from shamanism, to breathwork, kundalini yoga, movement and sound-therapy... - is offered for you to work on every aspect of your self. Heart circles allow you to be seen and witnessed in your vulnerability and your truth, to love yourself and be loved.

An inner journey to let your potential unfold and discover the wonders of your self.



​My journey started years ago when I had everything of the perfect life : a cool job in a famous production company of documentary movies, working on cool projects, living in a cool apartment in Paris, but something was still missing... I remember being sited at my computer desk, drawing Excel tables, often wondering if that was going to be my life. Deep inside, I knew there was something more… I wanted to discover, learn, move, feel…

Soon enough I quit my job, my apartment and book a one-way ticket to travel the world. On the road, from country to country,

I found myself.

Far from the office life, I shut off my rational mind, developed my intuition, started to create art again and completely changed the way I lived, connecting for the first time with my beingness.  Guided by the signs and encounters, I met shamans and spiritual masters who taught me sacred music instruments and lead me to perceive a whole new invisible realm, the one of the guides and spirits.

I decided to dedicate myself to growth and learning, joining trainings and retreats, facing my past and any emotion that was coming up.

I was more alive than I had ever be.

Back to France it became obvious that I wanted to be in service of other human beings to share what brought me so much joy and peace.

I am now very fulfilled to do so, offering one-on-ones healing sessions, group courses and retreats. I am using a holistic approach, considering not only the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual health. I am combining ancient healing techniques (shamanism, meditation, sound-therapy) with modern therapeutical modalities (quantum healing, hypnosis, breathwork).

Certifications : Shamanic Healing (FSS - Fondation for Shamanic Studies), Sound-therapy (Gong Master Don Conreaux, tuning fork pioneer John Beaulieu, Academy of Sound Therapy, Satyam Shivam Meditation School), Quantum Healing and Past Life regression therapy (BQH, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing), Breathwork (Breathwave & Holotropic).

Additional trainings & qualifications : Access Bars, Vipassana, Hridaya Yoga 17 days Silent retreat, Hridaya Hatha Yoga Module 1, Fondations of Tantrik Yoga (Hareesh Wallis), Gene Keys Venus Sequence retreat, Kundalini Yoga, Conscious communication.

Feel free to get in touch, I will be thrilled to connect with you and answer any question you could have :-)

I get the chance to receive shamanic healings from Karlyn Sovied. Althrough the therapy was remotely given because it was a urgent situation, I could still feel Karlyn's strenght all along the healing session. Indeed, I had the impression she was just in front of me, I could feel her breath, feeling her handle the forces of nature to help me find myself step by step.
I could perceive how my energies were slowly putting back together thanks to her.I have not only appreciated the healing ceremony but also her follow-up, before and after the session but also her divinations and precious advice. She was, and still is, very caring, paying attention to listen to my own rythm, in order to not rush me while allowing me to go further, the farest that I could personally go.

Her human side as well as her deep connexion to nature and the other realms allow her to help people she meets. I can't wait to receive a shamanic healing from her again !

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