Through the combination of powerful modalities - shamanic and quantum healing, hypnosis, breathwork, sound therapy - you will dive into your subconscious, at the root of your emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs for them to be reprogrammed and create space for a life filled with love, abondance, ease and joy aligned with who you truly are.

I am offering :

One-to-one solo session -

A 90min healing journey to transmute your limiting beliefs and unlock your gifts.

One-to-one mentorship program -

2 healing sessions per month and daily support and meditations personalized to your needs to deeply transform yourself and thrive.



Shamanism is taking a path of exploration and transformation, getting a new perspective on yourself and on the universe. It is allowing you to connect with your essence, with the Earth and all the sentient beings, to come back to a mutual and spiritual communication with nature.


I am offering :

○   Shamanic initiations for you to discover how to navigate the transcendental worlds guided by power animals and spirit guides.


○   Shamanic 4 weeks online programs to deepen your practice and learn how to be in service to others.

Current programs:

○   Vision Quest : Shamanic Divination, a path to transformation... (download PDF)

○   Time Travel : Discover your past, parallel and future lifetimes... (download PDF)




Throughout the times, Ancient cultures have used sound to heal and connect to higher realms. Today, we are rediscovering sound as a way to repattern our system at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As everything is vibration and so as you, sound-therapy helps you tune your body & mind and harmonize your whole being.

I am offering :

Sound-therapy individual sessions - working with tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and gongs.

○   Introductions and courses to learn how to use those therapeutical instruments and their effects on the body and mind



A transformative experience to dive deep into the healing and growth process.


During this collective adventure, you are held individually by the facilitators and by the rest of the group. A variety of intensive group practices - from shamanism, to breathwork, kundalini yoga, movement and sound-therapy... - is offered for you to work on every aspect of your self. Heart circles allow you to be seen and witnessed in your vulnerability and your truth, to love yourself and be loved.

An inner journey to let your potential unfold and discover the wonders of your self.



Karlyn is deeply committed to the path for the Revelation of the Self. She offers a space for deep transformation and reconnection with your true nature. Fascinated by growth, learning and expansion, she was trained to a variety of modalities such as quantum healing, sound therapy, shamanism, breathwork and conscious communication. Karlyn embodied all those teaching to create her own uniqueness where each tool is carefully chosen and designed to the uniqueness of you.

As a therapist and mentor, she is creating a space of deep trust and active presence where you can fully be and be seen in all your shades and colors. Her sessions are journeys where you can experience the constellation of your being and access to your subconscious, through the use of word activation, breath, visualization and direct connection to the quantum field’s imprints. She is supporting you in bringing light at the root of your emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs for them to be reprogrammed. Karlyn believes in everyone’s ability to transform, create and thrive. People who were guided by her often experience an intense yet gentle healing, with deep emotional release allowing them to unfold their full potential and discover their gifts and wonders.

As a teacher, Karlyn is empowering her students for them to become their own healers and ultimately to be in service for other beings. She is sharing the wisdom of quantum healing and shamanism in group and retreat settings where everyone can become both student and teacher, supporting each other into the ascension process.

Karlyn is also a musician and sound activator in plant medicine ceremonies using her own voice and poetry as a guide and channel to higher realms. Gong master, drums, guitar, crystal and Tibetan bowls player, Karlyn is alchemizing patterns that are brought up to the surface, bringing magic and light to shadow. She is also holding Psilocybin ceremonies where she creates a safe space for people to have a direct experience of their Supreme Consciousness. She is supporting the journeyers with sound, touch, shamanic healing and the radiance of Pure Presence allowing them to merge with Totality.

Certifications : Shamanic Healing (FSS - Fondation for Shamanic Studies), Sound-therapy (Gong Master Don Conreaux, tuning fork pioneer John Beaulieu, Academy of Sound Therapy, Satyam Shivam Meditation School), Quantum Healing and Past Life regression therapy (BQH, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing), Breathwork (Breathwave & Holotropic).


Additional trainings & qualifications : Access Bars, Vipassana, Hridaya Yoga 17 days Silent retreat, Hridaya Hatha Yoga Module 1, Fondations of Tantrik Yoga (Hareesh Wallis), Gene Keys Venus Sequence retreat, Kundalini Yoga, Conscious communication.




Feel free to get in touch, I will be thrilled to connect with you and answer any question you could have !

By far the most effective of the "alternative" medicine sessions that I have had, as effective as several months spent seeing a shrink. I received a session including Wim Hof ​​breathing method, shamanic and sound therapy.
Because of issues of self-confidence and even, I realized it, a bad self-image and a permanent mental grayness caused by deep and accumulative wounds. But be careful, don't expect a gentle and quiet treatment, it is very tiring, unfortunately, you will have to go through pain to be healed.
So yeah, you're going to suffer for a good 20 minutes. This method of breathing forces you to face your deepest tensions and let them out of your body, it's hard, but happiness is the reward.

Fortunately, Karlyn helps and guides you in finding your own voice, plus she is a good psychologist.

During the second part of the treatment, it was a gentler treatment with the use of meridians, aromatherapy, and other reflex zones of the body, acting on various blockages and tensions.


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